Yacht Services

Viking Row Events can build and deliver vessels anywhere in the world. Additionally we have a bank of very experienced and fully qualified MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Ocean commercially endorsed skippers. All are proven skippers with track records second to none.

Viking Row Events can build and deliver vessels anywhere in the world.

We take extra care with your yacht before we leave a full set of rigging, hull, steering, plumbing, engine and systems checks are done to best ensure the boat is in the correct condition for the passage in question prior to departure. if the company you employ is in too much of a rush to get your job done this is something they tend to overlook. You would be surprised how many boats are lost or damaged because of failure to do these simple checks. We like taking our time and getting things right. During the passage we can keep you fully updated of our positions, progress and conditions via our satellite phone if you wish.

When we have completed the voyage your yacht will get a full valet inside and out and you will receive an Itinerary and report on general sailing characteristics. Our rates are always competitive so if you need your yacht delivered to save you time and money transporting it otherwise then please contact us we can help.”


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