Atlantic Trade Winds 2013

Viking Row Events Avalon and her crew left Mogan at 19.10hrs 17 January 2013 and completed the expedition on 22 February 2013, a total rowing time of 35 days 12 hours 41 minutes. Detailed progress charts and other interesting bits of information regarding this expedition are available on the Ocean Rowing Society Website.



This expedition is set up specifically to attempt to beat the 30 day barrier for rowing across the Atlantic, we have a strong crew in place for this ocean rowing challenge but the other requirements we need are fair winds and currents.  Even more excitiment this time as two rival teams will set out on this challenge to set new records across the Atlantic 'Trade Winds Route'.

Our new boat, Avalon is an 8 person monohull built of carbon kevlar with design features which aide self-righting and reduce drag significantly.  She is smaller than La Mondiale but built along much the same lines. Our ‘Trade Winds’ route quest from Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria to Port St Charles, Barbados is 3000 miles of un supported rowing across the open ocean is not for the faint-hearted!


There are many exciting opportunities to get involved in sponsorship.

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