'Trade Winds' Row 2009

This epic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean was a new attempt to smash the current Record for the fastest Row across the Atlantic ever recorded (set by us in La Mondiale).

We had to abort this row on 15th January 2009 due to the rudder being sheared off by an unknown submerged object. All crew were safely and successful transferred from 'La Mondiale' on to the 24,000ton bulk carrier ‘Island Ranger’.

This entailed an extremely dangerous 15-metre ascent on a rope ‘net’ up the side of the ship in heavy seas. Manoeuvres to transfer men from a small light craft to a large ship will inevitably result in damage to the smaller craft. Sadly, in this instance, the small boat suffered a lot of damage.

Now part of Ocean Rowing History, the unique ‘La Mondiale’ will be remembered as the Ocean Rowing Boat who set the fastest crossing in 1992 and 16 years later in 2008, beat her own Record by 2 days over a longer distance crossing.

Ocean Rowing boat 'Avalon' was built by ROSSITER's in Christchurch, Dorset, UK.


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