Thurso to Faroes 2015

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The Scotland to the Faroe Islands expedition is now complete. The route was from Thurso to Tórshavn and this first leg was skippered by the experienced ocean rower Livar Nysted with an all Faroese crew -  it was a hard, tough and wet row. The second leg of the expedition will be the return route from Tórshavn to Thurso. There are other exciting and interesting expeditions being planned and we will always welcome more supporters for any of ORE's Expeditions.

Ocean rowing boat, Avalon is a monohull, made of carbon kevlar with design features which aide self-righting and reduce drag significantly. These are unique to our boat and we are quietly confident that she is indeed a very special craft with blistering pace. Avalon crossed the Atlantic Trade Winds route earlier this year as well as the same crossing in 1014 and an Indian Ocean expedition.

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Ocean rowing is a tough challenge no matter which route an expedition takes. It is probably the ultimate in endurance sport and requires tenacity and ability to endure a harsh regime of 2 hours on 2 hours off whether the row lasts for a week or months. Our core crew are passionate about the ocean and treat her with the utmost of respect and always endeavour to pass this love for ocean rowing on to crew members. Viking Row Events strive to break records with each and every row and for both sponsors and crew alike to be part of something as adventurous represents great value and long lasting PR and press opportunities. We have a proven track record and testimonials from previous crew and sponsors as to how well we involve our supporters, their staff, clients, crews families and how much media we are able to generate for comparatively little amounts.

If you are interested in crewing or sponsoring on any of our future expeditions there are always opportunities to get involved for good people. Please call us or email us


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Expedition Crew

Livar Nysted, Skipper

Livar is a valued ORE core crew member since 2008.  He is a very experienced ocean rower who has powered the oars over 20.000km of ocean waters.  He holds five Guinness world records in ocean rowing, and is the first person to row 2 oceans in the same year. Livar also became the first person in history to hold the speed record for the North Atlantic and Indian oceans simultaneously. Livar looks forward to his first expedition as a leader across these testing waters.

Bergleif Brimvík

Bergleif is a retired police officer and served for 37 years of duty.  Before joining the Police Force he was educated at the Navigational School. He sailed with trawlers for seven years and so has amazing knowledge of the oceans including the unpredictable North Sea, Icelandic waters, Greenland waters and also off the notorious coast of Newfoundland. Bergleif is proud to be the part of the crew with Livar Nysted as captain on this first ocean row from Scotland to the Faroes.

Jógvan Clementsen

Jógvan was born in Tórsavn-Faroe Islands and is a 44 year old family man. He is a self employed carpenter and in his younger days he was a fisherman gaining experience of these Northern waters.  He was also a soldier so he knows about discipline and the team spirit required of a member of an ocean rowing team. He is a regular competitor rowing with the traditional faroese boats since 1988.

Petur Kári Funding

Peter was born in Tórshavn in Faroe Islands and has been following with great interest all the ocean rowing expeditions which Livar has participated in during the past years.  Peter is a fit, single thirty-six year old who is looking forward to being part of the team for this exciting expedition from Thurso to Tórshavn with Livar and the other crew members.

Sjúrður Gullbein

Sjúrður knows this is a harsh sport with training, seamanship and good fellowship onboard Avalon are the requirements to succeed.  The best crew support must each other and realise that it is the best chance of a successful expedition. If the weather god is kind there may be moments of beauty to appreciate too sitting on the open sea under a starlight sky.  Tough, but this sport is excellent and life-affirming!

Jákup Jacobsen

Jákup is a family man who was born in Tórshavn in Faroe Islands.  He has been rowing traditional faroese boats since he was 17 years old and and has also been paddling sea kayak for the last 20 years in the tricky seas around Faroe Islands.  This ocean rowing expedition is a first for him and he is looking forward to this crossing great ocean rowers like Leven and Livar and crew members.

Fróði Magnussen   

Another crew member from Torshavn, Faroe Islands, Fróði is skipper Livar's second in command. He was a fisherman in his younger years and sailed on various ships so knows the ocean very well.  He is a family man who now works in the IT industry and spends his spare time hunting on land and water.  He is also a competitive rower in the original Faroese boats.

Niclas Olsen

Niclas is a fit 32 year old who works as a carpenter.  He enjoys fitness sports and goes mountain biking and skiing.  No stranger to rowing as he is also a competitive rower in the original Faroese rowing boats and earlier in his life spent a lot of time in the local swimming club.


Ingi á Tórgarði

Ingi is a family man living in Tórshavn  He started rowing 29 years ago and developed an keen interest for rowing. Rowing has been a part of his life and when he heard Livar talking about his rowing adventure on the radio I saw a great opportunity to be part of this adventure.  He looks forward to a great adventure with Livar and crew and happy to be a member rowing from Scotland to Faroe Islands.

Ove Heinesen

Ove lives in Leirvík, a medium-sized village in the Faroes and currently works in municipal administration. He was fisherman for some years and gained much experience from this time at sea in all weather conditions. Before this challenge became a reality he had not spent much of time rowing but has participated in many different kind of sports. He looks forward this expedition across the ocean between Scotland to Faroe Islands with his countrymen.

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