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The January 2015 expedition completed on March 5, 2015 at 11:25GMT after a long and arduos crossing with adverse winds, currents and vast slicks of seaweed to contend with.  The weather pattern was inconsistent with past years which was confirmed by local fishermen in Barbados but another record attempt will be set up specifically to try to beat the 30 day barrier for rowing across the Atlantic 'Trade Winds' route in 2016.

The 'Trade Winds' Atlantic route crosses the ocean from Puerto de Mogan on Gran Canaria and makes landfall at Port St Charles on Barbados a route which covers 3000 miles of open ocean to row on our quest.  

Avalon, a monohull, made of carbon kevlar with design features which aide self righting and reduce drag significantly. These are unique to our boat and we are quietly confident that she is indeed a very special craft with blistering pace. Next year in 2016, her sister ocean rowing boat should be launched and should lead to highly competitive expeditions! 


Elapsed Time:

We held this speed record back in 2008 with a time of 33 days 7 hours 30 mins which was subsequently beaten by Matty Craughwell in a boat called Sara G who set the time of 32 days exactly. We know, given the right weather conditions that we can break this record, we have been on the pace before and we have since broken the oldest standing ocean rowing record (114 years) by a staggering 11 days – the closest modern boat previous to our attempt took three weeks longer than us. We have a knack of choosing the right people and developing our boats specifically for our routes. We also hold the record for the greatest amount of miles travelled on the Atlantic in 24h (118miles) with only 4 men rowing this records still stands despite there being 14, 12, 8 and 6 man crews out there and our new boat is much faster than anything we have ever had before. This year it did not happen but another attempt will be made in 2016

For both sponsors and crew alike to be part of something as truly historic as breaking the 30 day barrier, the 4 minute mile of ocean rowing, represents great value with long lasting PR and press opportunities.. We will strive to make records on all of our expeditions and involvement in this tough endurance sport is exciting! We do have a proven track record and testimonials from previous crew and sponsors as to how well we involve our supporters, their staff, clients, crews families and how much media we are to generate for comparatively little amounts.

If you are interested in crewing or sponsoring on any of our future expeditions there are always opportunities to get involved for good people. Please call us or email us.


There are many exciting opportunities to get involved in sponsorship.

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Expedition Crew

Leven Brown, Skipper

Nikki Brown

Nikki comes from an ex-military background and has shown great determination in the pursuit of his goal ‘to row an ocean’ or several!  Recently he has become a key member of ORE, where his doggedness and sharp wit make him a man who will get things done.

Charity - SAMH

Stuart Connacher

Stuart has real knowledge of the sea, navigation, rowing and all the challenges that lie ahead. He is looking forward to this journey of discovery and learning. This expedition will allow him to discover, not only a new world out there, but about himself, fears, the beauty of the oceans that the humans are busy destroying and hopefully the thing that means the most to us all, Living Life! This is a huge privilege. 

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Caetano Altafin

Cae is from Brazil & combines his love of sports with honourable causes. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Brazilian Harbour Master’s Office & Harvard. He hopes to fulfil his dream of rowing an ocean & helping Osteosarcoma research. Cae believes leaders are not driven to lead people but to serve them. He hopes to put his best on every stroke and be a true team player.

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Julie Dunne

Julie Dunne is from Portarlington in Ireland but has been living in London for the past nine years. Julie has rowed competitively for five years and is currently a member at Twickenham Rowing Club. The most recent endurance race Julie took part in was the 24 hours Three Peaks Challenge and will be fit for this forthcoming challenge!

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Don Lennox

ORE core crew Don has rowed many ocean miles with Leven, La Mondiale ‘Blue Riband’ 2007/08, 2009 & the North Atlantic Challenge 2010. Between rows he has been running in the USA raising money for charity. His enthusiasm and dedication to getting the ‘job’ done is second to none and he looks forward to this next challenge.

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Thato Mabelane

Thato is an accomplished sportswoman with successful rowing experience.  She represented South Africa at the FISA Team Cup international regatta and competed at the World University Championships in Brive La Galiarde, France in the coxless 4 event. Thato competes in cycling and running events and her athletic ability and disciplined yet laid back attitude makes her an incredible asset for this expedition.

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James Robins

James currently works as a doctor in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and he is also a Captain in the British Army Reserve. He rowed for Sheffield University and has travelled extensively through Eastern and Southern Africa. He enjoys a good joke and is looking forward to this fantastic expedition!

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