Ocean Rowing History

Just a little bit about the background of Ocean Rowing.

The first ever Atlantic Ocean Row was undertaken by two young Norwegians by the names of George Harbo and Gabriel Samuelsen, they rowed from New York to St Mary’s Scilly Isles in the summer of 1896 in 55 days.

Their boat was a small open 18’ skiff named ‘Fox’ with no specialised navigational systems on board and the only bit of safety equipment was a small bar fixed to the keel so the two men could right it in the event of being capsized.  These men were indeed true heroes.

George Harbo’s granddaughter Bette Horton lives in the USA and is an avid follower of the ocean rowers of today. (Bette sent a wonderful message to the team when they rowed the North Atlantic Ocean in the boat ‘Artemis Investments’ setting a new record time of 43 days 21 hours 26 mins 48 secs).

Read more about the history of ocean rowing on the Ocean Rowing Society's website.


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